Livestock Support Project (poultry, pig, sheep / goat and special breeding)

The actions of this project are aimed at a population of pastoralists in isolated villages. Its objectives are to improve the animal production system, strengthen the organization of breeders, increase production, etc. This will involve supporting the breeding of small farmers in the field of poultry (hens, ducks and guinea fowl), pigs, sheep / goats and special farms such as rabbits, bees and fish. This project takes into account the support of breeders through training, construction of breeding infrastructure (pigsties, pens, beehives, etc.) assistance in the purchase of veterinary products as well as some equipment ( gangs, combinations, wheelbarrows, boots, rakes, shovels, etc.).

Annual production estimates will be 20,000 heads of poultry, 1,000 heads of pigs, 500 heads of goats / sheep, 1,000 fish, 500 heads of rabbits, 100 heads of agoutis and 5 tons of honey.

It is within the framework of this program that the project to strengthen the socio-economic empowerment of women through the development of modern and sustainable beekeeping in the municipality of Ogou 4 (former canton of Ountivou ).

This project supported by APIFLORDEV pursues the following objectives:

  • Buy land that will serve as a school apiary
  • Provide training for the 30 targeted beekeepers (30% women)
  • Building modern beehives
  • Install beekeeping equipment;
  • Provide each beekeeper with 2 beehives during this 1st phase
  • Assist the project team in the development of equipment for beekeeping, processing, packaging and conservation of bee products

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